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avail n : a means of serving; "of no avail"; "there's no help for it" [syn: help, service]


1 use to one's advantage; "He availed himself of the available resources"
2 be of use to, be useful to; "It will avail them to dispose of their booty"
3 take or use; "She helped herself to some of the office supplies" [syn: help]

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  1. Benefit; value, profit; advantage toward success.
    Labor, without economy, is of little avail.
  2. Success.
    I tried fixing it, to no avail.
  3. Proceeds.
    The avails of this auction will go to the Cancer Society.
  4. A position of advantage over one's opponent.
  5. obsolete poetic Effort; striving.
  6. television advertising An unsold, available advertising slot or package.
  7. A timeslot set aside for an advertisement.
  8. A press avail.
    While holding an avail yesterday, the candidate lashed out at critics.
  9. Non-binding notice of availability for work.
  10. A readily available stock of oil.

Usage notes

  • sense success or benefit Very often encountered in negative phrases, such as of or to no or little avail.


benefit; value, profit; advantage toward success


  1. To turn to the advantage of; to be of service to.
    Artifices will not avail the sinner in the day of judgment.
    I availed myself of the opportunity.
  2. To promote; to assist.
  3. To be of use or advantage; to answer or serve the purpose; to have strength, force, or efficacy sufficient to accomplish the object.
    The plea in court must avail.
    This scheme will not avail.
    Medicines will not avail to halt the disease.''
  4. To provide.

Derived terms


To turn to the advantage of; to be of service to; to profit; to benefit; to help
To promote; to assist
To be of use (intransitive)

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Avail is a punk rock/hardcore punk band from Richmond, Virginia. Originally from Northern Virginia, the band formed in 1987, comprised of Joe Banks, Doug Crosby, Brian Stewart and Mikey Warstler. The only original remaining member, guitar player Joe Banks, teamed up with rival band LDK's (Learning Disabled Kids) Tim Barry. They moved to Richmond in 1990, and soon, after numerous line up changes, put together a solid lineup to release their first album in 1992. They play punk music, with heartfelt lyrics and melodic breakdowns. Many of their lyrics are about Richmond.


Avail has five members.
Former Members:

Label Change

Avail self-released their first LP, Satiate on Catheter-Assembly Records. It was later re-released by Lookout! Records. They released several studio releases on Lookout! and then went on to Fat Wreck Chords for One Wrench and Front Porch Stories. Most recently, they have signed on with Jade Tree Records who has recently re-released the Avail albums Dixie, 4am Friday, and Over the James.


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abet, account, advance, advantage, aid, answer, applicability, appositeness, appropriateness, assist, bail out, be equal to, be handy, be of use, bear, bear a hand, befriend, behalf, behoof, benefit, benison, bestead, blessing, boon, break no bones, comfort, convenience, do, do good, do it, do no harm, do the trick, doctor, ease, favor, fill, fill the bill, fitness, fulfill, gain, get by, give a boost, give a hand, give a lift, give good returns, give help, go around, good, hack it, help, hold, interest, just do, lend a hand, lend one aid, make the grade, meet, meet requirements, pass, pass muster, pay, pay off, percentage, point, proffer aid, profit, protect, qualify, rally, reach, reclaim, redeem, relevance, relieve, remedy, render assistance, rescue, restore, resuscitate, revive, satisfy, save, serve, serve the purpose, service, serviceability, set up, stand, stand up, stretch, succor, suffice, suitability, take in tow, take it, use, usefulness, value, welfare, well-being, work, work for, world of good, worth, yield a profit
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